These are somewhat interesting pieces I did for College Magazine in 2016-2017. My knockoff BuzzFeed articles may not be ground breaking (seriously check out the one where I rank cool shower curtains from Amazon!) yet I learned a lot about who I am as a writer and how to work remotely with others in order to create successful online content. 

The piece on the DC nonprofit SMYAL is from my internship at Lancar Ink. 

Why I Started Practicing Rocket Yoga

My sister always thought that yoga solves all of life’s problems. Of course she would say that, as a yoga teacher. But even before she started teaching she’d drag me to her favorite yoga classes and try to get me to drink the Kool-Aid. I always cringed at the thought of sitting in quiet room with only my thoughts to keep me company. Little did I know how wrong that was. As an ex-competitive dancer and lover of fast paced workouts I never thought I’d see the day where I actually enjoyed a yoga c

What No One Says About The Post Grad Blues

If you’re anything like me, college was the best and craziest four years. I found myself constantly surrounded with my best friends, and I felt like I was queen of the world on American University’s small campus. I’m not kidding; I could walk across the quad and always see someone I knew. Beyond that, I was in a sorority and was a star student—I had it all. Now it seems that no one knows me, and I had a realization… post grad feels lonely. I went from being an alpha female in my sorority and cam

10 Ways to Apologize Like an Adult

If Justin Bieber can make a hit song about apologizing you can say sorry too. We all experience a time in our lives at some point where we must swallow our pride and apologize. Identifying that we are wrong in a situation makes us feel uncomfortable and shameful. No one ever wants to feel as if they have disappointed a friend, co worker, parent or even a pet. You’d be surprised how many tactics there are in crafting a genuine apology. It’s a good thing considering apologizing like you mean it is

How to Write a Letter to Your Long Distance Lover

Despite your nonstop texting, sending your SO a Bitmoji holding a heart with “I Love You” in a thought bubble doesn’t always cut it. Bring some romance back into your relationship by writing to your lover the old fashioned way— and, no, not on AIM. “I think sending a text saying you love or miss someone is easy. But sitting down to write a letter or send something takes more time and effort,” said American University junior Mackenzie Territo. When you sit down to write that letter, billowing with emotions and love, your brain comes up with intrusive questions that cramp your style. How do you write a love letter? What if it comes off as corny and weird? Worry not— this style of expressing emotion may seem awkward, but the power of love will shine through.

The 10 Best College Dance Teams in the Nation

Point your toes and hit those turns—college dance nationals season is coming soon. Every January, the best college dance teams in the Universal Dance Association division compete for the number one spot at college nationals. Some teams manage to make the cut every year, holding national records for decades. So how do they stay at the top? It takes extreme physical fitness, years of practice, fresh choreography and a lot of fake eyelashes. Just getting to nationals requires a bid from UDA dance camp, multiple routines, a history of landing in the top 10 and a decent return rate. Dancing is an amazing athletic and artistic activity. But for these teams, it becomes a lifestyle.

Dream Interpretations for the Top 10 Most Popular Dreams

Remember that one dream where you flew through campus or showed up naked to a party? Some of us can remember our dreams for years while others claim they never dream. Some may even have reoccurring nightmares or dreams that’ll make you laugh. We all have different life experiences but somehow manage to have dreams that are very similar. In fact, you’ll find often common themes and symbols within our dreams that mean more than public nudity or cool superpowers like breathing underwater.

10 Funny Texts You'll Only Receive If You're A College Student

We’ve all had a rough night or two. Whether you’re in the library or at your favorite bar, the texts uncovered the next day can serve as your guide to the night before. College is an interesting time for all and our text messages are usually very telling. Although these screenshots make us cringe now, in the future these funny texts will serve as artifacts of the best time in our lives. We tend to forget to return belongings back to our roommates. Sometimes you have to take the initiative and w

Finals Week Sucks but These 10 Memes Make it Better

That time of the year has come back to haunt us. Packed libraries, long lines at Starbucks and 24-hour quiet periods—you guessed it. It’s finals week. But before all of the mental breakdowns and all-nighters ensue, make sure to take some breaks between studying and maybe even glancing at a meme or two. Not only do these memes brighten up your hell week, you may find yourself relating to them in every way possible. It’s day one of finals week, so naturally you take your time and write everything

10 Must Sing Karaoke Songs That Will Make You Famous

We all know that local karaoke bar full of eager college students excited to get drunk after a rough week of internships, classes and annoying roommates. We should really create a new weekly holiday just for karaoke night. Who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy singing to words put on a screen even if we end up as the subject of our friends’ Snapchat stories? But which songs should you rock out to? You don’t have to consider yourself a Jersey native to appreciate a little Bon Jovi. This classic karaoke s

One Piece Swimsuits Are Back and You Need All 10 of These

Who has time to work on that summer bod all winter long? We barely have time to work out and eat healthy in general between midterms and finals. But whether we like it or not, summer lurks around the corner. Luckily, one piece swimsuits are not only popular this season, but plenty of retailers give us tons of flattering options Brought to you by the athletic company Body Glove, this 80s collection will make you feel like you were invited to Madonna’s pool party. By that I mean this suit is comf

You May Not Have Time to Date, But You Do Have Time to Swipe Right on Tinder

Who hasn’t felt weird at some point downloading dating apps like Tinder and Bumble? Shows like Catfish make us wonder about the legitimacy of these online dating apps. Are we actually swiping right for a real person or fake profile? Truth is, most users are real and very normal folks looking to find someone. Dating apps should really be brought to light as the best matchmakers of the millennial era. College should be a time to find yourself and figure out who you like and what you want in a rel
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